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"Default Customer" is useless. Suggestion: Change root level

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  • "Default Customer" is useless. Suggestion: Change root level

    As a non-msp it's a bit frustrating seeing Default Customer everywhere, but especially in tree structures like the Device List. As far as I know, I'll never ever see anything at the same level as Default Customer, so I think for Enterprise users that should be the root. At the top level, I should see groups. This may seem like a little thing, but it just gives the overall feeling that we (Enterprise users) were an afterthought in a product designed specifically for MSPs.

    I welcome any discussion on the matter.

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    ScottBeeson ,

    Our Development Team has acknowledged the idea of either having this renamed or completely removed from all portal instances. We will make sure your voice is heard as well and keep you notified of their feedback.


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      Thanks for the info! If it gets changed, I might have to change my avatar from suspicious Fry to happy Fry.
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        Hello ScottBeeson ,

        I am Ayhan, product manager of Endpoint Manager. I am happy to hear your feedback on this. I totally understand your view. I just wanted to inform you that we have a plan for nested tree mechanism in our portal in the future. Thus, this will also serve your need to prevent this kind of frustration. We will be informing you about the timeline of this plan in the upcoming feature.

        Thanks for being with us and sharing valuable feedback!

        Product Manager, Endpoint Manager