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Poll about endpoints offered as free

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  • Poll about endpoints offered as free

    (Poll moved to Products section)

    Hi Guys,
    We had many of our MSPs getting in touch with us asking to re-consider the number of free licenses we offer for Itarian. We had chosen a number of 10 free licenses as a starting point as you know.
    But many of you educated us about how MSPs, especially when they are starting brand new, need more than 10 free licenses to start their business. Some of you said 25 should be a good number...some suggested 50....and so on...
    We thought the best way would be to put it to vote to see what that number should be. We want to help you setup your MSP business, we want you to be successful.
    Of course please bear in mind, we still want to make it cost neutral for you to use Itarian even after the free licenses.
    What is the number of free licenses you would need to start your MSP business?

    Thank you for your feedback

    The poll is expired.

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    Hello everyone,
    First of all thank you so much for your feedback and votes! Your votes are so valuable for us to understand your needs.
    Based on your votes we understood that 50 free licence is better option for you to start your business. So we decided to give 50 free licences to our customers.We hope that it would be more beneficial for you.

    Best Regards,
    Product Management Team


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      It's great that Comodo listened to its user base.. Thank you Comodo staff and expecially Melih for sparing the time to discuss our needs personally with us.

      Just one point.. up to 50 endpoints free is great.. it allows us to use them as previously explained for migrations, demos or trials etc.. but the calculator on your site says free for the first 50.. unfortunately if you have 51, it calculates the price based on all 51 endpoints (an oversight?). So just as an example.. say we have 1000 endpoints all all free because we have licenced CCS on all our endpoints.. if we add say 10 endpoints to the system without CCS, according to the calculator on your site we're charged for them. So according to the site calculator at present, once you have over 50 endpoints, you dont actually get any endpoints free at all. Does this need fixing or is it the case that once you have more than 50 endpoints to dont qualify for any free? If the latter is the case, it wont help at all with the scenarios I discussed previously where endpoints would only be on the platform temporarily for example during migrations or new clients with 3rd party security waiting to expire.

      Hopefully this is an oversight with the calculator and everyone gets the 50 free units regardless of number on their platform..

      Best Regards

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        Good one team, great decision and thank you all for voting and helping Comodo/ITarian make this choice.

        Ed_Johnson has a good point and this is something that needs clearing up.

        I also believe there is something about a trial being added as well for clients you add allowing you to demo this to clients... But please one of the team jump in and confirm the full story.
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