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    Nice to have a dedicated group for licenses now, helps reduce repeat questions etc.

    Buying a CCS lice for devices instead of an RMM license even if you don't want CCS is actually more financially beneficial for you. Lots of MSPs we sell to do this so they have the choice later.

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      Originally posted by ailan View Post
      Now with the model change I have a few questions regarding the deadline of 1 jan 2020:
      -Can you explain me how I can assign the licenses to the different clients?
      1. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
      2. Click Assign Licenses from the Managed Packages list.
      3. Select the package you want to assign to the user. ...
      4. Click Add.
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        Do the following: -
        1. Purchase your license from Comodo direct or via a distributor like Strobe Technologies Ltd T/a Strobe IT
        2. Activate the license as per the provided instructions
        3. Login to ITarian and open License Management from Endpoint Manager
        4. Click Add License and enter the activated license key

        Now the license in inside License Management you have two ways of working.
        1. Use the license globally
        2. Assign the license to a customer

        Use License Globally
        1. Inside License Management click on the drop down arrow next to the license.
        2. This will now display your clients, update the Allocate Seats box to match the allocation you want per client and click Apply to save changes

        Assign to a Client
        Inside License Management click on the license key to open more details about the license
        From the License Summary tab click on Edit
        Change the Allocation type drop down to Customer
        In Customer select the correct customer
        Click on Save to update the license

        I hope this helps.
        But as braen has stated you can also assign licenses to users / groups but the methods above are extremely easy to manage.

        Strobe Technologies Ltd