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ITarian Roadmap Plan for 2020 September and December

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  • ITarian Roadmap Plan for 2020 September and December

    Hello everyone!

    We are happy to announce that ITarian Roadmap Plan for 2020 September and December has been prepared and ready to be shared.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    Best regards,
    Product Management Team

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    I have been waiting to see what is being planned, been a while since anything has been posted.

    Looks like we are not getting too much fast tracked in the RMM side?

    I don't see mention of any portal wake on lan, nor new dashboard as per announced almost 12mths ago.
    Any updated copy and paste file size transfer increase, auto resume remote session after disconnect/restart, script add on or direct import from web page, scripts or commands not getting blocked by our own security product, just to name a few.

    How is the new/old marketplace progressing?

    The current setup does work, and the more time spent on it the easier it becomes, but I am often working around the limitations, and I should be just using simple operational steps, if they worked 100% and flowed throughout better with out needing several tabs open at once.

    As I stated, the system works, at times very well, the endpoint security can be a bit too protective, however just last week it stopped 2 of my systems from encryption attempts with email alerts and zero infection, cannot ask for much better than that result.

    There is a lot of competition is this space and I do have exposure to several platforms as I contract out between providers, and no - none are one size fits all either.
    Some have fantastic installers, script management and then shocking slow remote access, others the opposite.

    Itarian really needs to catch up a bit and be able to stand out as a little bit more proactive on features that others have had in place for a long time and then lead the way like the marketplace and integration with cloud services such as teams, 365, gsuite, backup products and so forth.




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      When is the Android app for RMM/Control coming? been waiting ages for this and getting frustrated.


      • ilgazy
        ITarian Staff
        ilgazy commented
        Editing a comment
        Hello monster-it,

        Remote Session from Android to Windows is currently in development phase, and our teams are doing their best to make it available for use as soon as possible. According to the current plan, we will be able to deliver a new Remote Control App for Android in 2021 Q1.

        We are very grateful for your support and patience!

        Best regards,

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      MSP Fanatic
      mcfproservices ,

      First of all, we want to thank you for your analysis and inquiries. We are doing our best to make all suggestions coming from our customers available for use. Currently, we are more focussed on adding support for the latest Linux distributions so that you will be able to manage a different variety of assets. In addition to this, we are utterly trying to make ITarian more stable and robust by the means of usability and performance.

      Wake-on-LAN: We already started the development phase and most probably it will be ready on 2021 Q1.

      Increasing Maximum File/Folder Size for File Transfer: This will take some time as we are trying to find the best way to increase file/folder size without causing too much load on the system. It currently looks like midterm (6-18 months). Moreover, we are more focussed on the Android Remote Control application to be able to connect and manage Windows devices as phase 1.

      Marketplace: We are in parallel working on our new marketplace and we hope that you will have a completely different experience. Currently, we can not provide an ETA for this as there are still a couple of things to do.

      Thank you very much for your kind suggestions and support to improve ourselves and become a better product!

      Best Regards,

      Ilgaz Yucecengiz
      Technical Product Manager
      Endpoint Manager,


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        You shared a useful post and thanks for sharing this to us.


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          going along the lines of mcfproservices, are there any plans to implement remote support from a mobile device. e.g. be able to take over a clients workstation from an iOS device.



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            Looking for Datto, Umbrella, Webroot integrations still. Really seems like since Itarian became Itarian (and a product that people pay for) that integrations have really just fallen off the radar as a "meh" item. Is there a roadmap for that? The last I saw in 2018, the integrations were part of the plan all along and also in the "long term" vision. Today, not so much it seems.


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            Hello, has the road plan for 2021 already been posted somewhere? Thanks


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              Junior Member
              data-link ,

              You can find roadmap plan for 2021 Q1-Q2 from below post.

              Thank you for your interest on ITarian Platform.

              Best regards,