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    jong21 ,

    Please let us know if you face the same issues. We'll try to get it addressed and reach out to you as soon as we can.


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      Originally posted by Realming_Grape View Post

      as discussed on the phone, I deleted this product as you are not here to assist at all. 3 months for a support call. I kept emailing and received no response, for 3 months. So Please explain to me what the point is of telling users to continuously log the call with your support team if they don't respond, I think its to divert complaints from your forums.
      only now you try to call when ive completely removed ac market it from my network. your 'team' tries to make us look like the idiots, but if I go through the forums, its not only me experiencing the issues.
      Supports says everything is working on their end, but its the users that matter right? nothing more Irritating than developers saying "But it works on my PC".
      will never go back to Itarian.

      Originally posted by jong21 View Post

      So sad to hear this
      same with me


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        jong21 ,

        We have created a support ticket to investigate your report. Please provide as many details on the ticket and as well as your registered portal account so we can look deeper into the issue.