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  • Distribution Groups from Service Desk

    Hi Everyone

    Has anyone figured out how to use a distribution group to send tickets to? Ive created a dist group on my exchange and configured it in Service Desk but emails dont go through to a dist group, only if the email address resolved to that user. so example, it wont forward any mails. Am i missing something?


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    We would recommend you to use a different email address with the proper forwarding functions to set up your service desk. Please check and confirm if your Distribution Group has forwarding functions in order to set up your Service Desk correctly.


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      Hi Blake

      Thank you so much, that actually led me to resolve my issue! I needed to uncheck "Require that all senders are authenticated" in mail flow settings. I've uploaded an image of the settings for anyone needing this feature to work.
      Thanks again Blake
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        What I recommend is deleting your distribution group and creating a new mailbox with the same e-mail address as the distribution group had. Each of the people that were in the distribution group previously would need to be setup as admins in Spiceworks. Then, everyone in your department would receive notifications when someone submits a ticket just like before when you had the distribution group setup.