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New Dashboard for ITarian!

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  • New Dashboard for ITarian!

    Hello everyone,

    We are currently working on new actionable widgets for ITarian Platform Dashboard! All widgets will be actionable and there should be interaction between the all widgets. Moreover there are drag and drop functionality between the widgets.
    As you may find in these mock-ups, you will be able to perform remote access, run procedures and all your actions directly from the widgets, without having to switch to any other pages.
    Our purpose is make your life easier so your feedback is very valuable, and it would be great if we can build this new dashboard together!
    Please see the mockups that we've prepared for this topic.

    There are 5 roles on the Mockup and you can find all roles under the different section such as; L1 Technician - L2-3 Technician - L1 Manager - L2-3 Manager and Scheduler.
    Please try to follow up "hand icon" to proceed on the screens. There are also some notes for explain drag and drop functionality.
    Please use the main dashboard page (L1 TECH- Dashboard,L2-3 TECH- Dashboard , L1 Manager- Dashboard ,L2-3 Manager-Dashboard, Scheduler Dashboard )for seeing all of the widgets actions.

    Please share all your feedbacks and additional request if you have.
    Looking forward to hear from you.


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    Hi Elif Ayhan Kurt ,
    The screenshots look awesome! When will this be available to the public?
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      This is pretty good! I will go through in detail and give my input.


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        reinamsp ,
        Thanks for the feedback,our purpose is to release it as soon as possible. I will inform you about the exact date soon.

        libretech ,

        Looking forward to hear your feedbacks!


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          ElifAyhan ,

          Looks ALOT like Connectwise Labtech/Automate and that's not a bad thing. If you want Beta testers please advise as I use Automate all the time...
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            these screens look great!
            and it really does enable / allow us to see what is coming like the integration into Microsoft Teams (if I'm seeing that right), Skype (now teams) and Email.

            There are a few things missing to allow for this to work; but it really is getting there.

            Looking forward to the improvements!
            Strobe Technologies Ltd


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              This is the first attempt at providing you guys a PSA! its only the start..


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                PSA is extremely important to the MSP world, customizable dashboards, customizable reports, along with full integration from CRM, RMM, and service desk.


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                  Elif Ayhan Kurt

                  ​​​​​​​Is there an update on this?
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                  Brian Smoliga, MSTM
                  TSG Technologies
                  C: 860-418-9197


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                    I’m waiting on an update also. Thanks


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                      hello libretech , TSG Technologies, LLC ,

                      It is great to hear that you are waiting our new dashboard. We are so exited about it as well.
                      It is in progress and partially releases will be started on April and we will continue to releases one by one on our each releases.

                      Best Regards,
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                        That is great news!
                        Keep us all posted
                        Strobe Technologies Ltd


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                          Originally posted by StrobeTech View Post
                          That is great news!
                          Keep us all posted
                          any update soon?


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                            We are in front to choose Barracuda or ITarian as our future RMM... this new Dashboard is +1 for ITarian. But, what is the release-date?? The first Picture was 01/2019... and April 2020 is over... so... any Updates??


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                              No answer? Come on, our contract with Barracuda is over next month ;-)


                              • Elif
                                Elif commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Hello @resscomputer,

                                Sorry about that, i have replied your post but somehow it was as a draft.

                                We are continue to work on new dashboards, we will release widgets partially so i hope we will release the first version as soon as possible.

                                I will inform you about the exact delivery date for the first iteration.

                                Best Regards,