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    I'm already an MSP. I use the RMM and the Antivirus on my client computers. Recently though I've gotten emails about coming an MSSP. What's difference? Is there additional products available to MSSP's that I don't already use?

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    We can turn you into a full blown SOC with zero capital investment. You can now offer full blown SOC (Security Operation Center) capabilities and monitor customer's networks and so on with 24/7/365 Comodo SOC. But its all private labelled as you.

    Traditionally MSSPs had to buy SIEM, EDR etc to create a platform as well as employ Cybersecurity experts to create a SOC offering.

    Comodo offers all that in one simple cost effective package, per endpoint/server. No investment, no cost and fully whitelabelled. SOC as a Platform- SOCaaP!


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      Awesome!!! What do I do to get started? StrobeTech You got time to talk?


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        Q. What's the difference between this and Itarian ?


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          Itarian is an IT Management Platform, like RMM, Patch Management, Remote Access, Ticketing system.
          Security Layer is a whole different ball game!
          In the MSP segment, I see many "consumer antivirus companies" repackaging their consumer products and selling it to MSPs. The problem is, your customers need "Enterprise Security" not "consumer security". But they need this "Enterprise Security" at a reasonable rate.
          SOCaaP v2 (SOC as a Platform) is just that platform. It brings Enterprise grade security to MSPs in a "Zero Touch" platform that is fully integrated with your choice of Ticketing system. You simply click to deploy enterprise security to your customers and the SOCaaP v2 do the rest!

          You can call yourself an MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) once you have SOCaaP v2! Its a game changer for MSPs.


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            Still confused.
            Is this an "replacement" to Itarian,........ or a security system designed to run alongside.

            Can you please clarify the differences please.


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              a security system to run inside Itarian.