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Material for MSP's to use with your customers to help market and sell.

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    Was there ever any movement on the marketing materials? I have been looking around and cannot seem to find any on the site.


    • Elif Ayhan Kurt
      Elif Ayhan Kurt commented
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      Hello which documents specifically you need?

      Best Regards,

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    Hi defensoremit
    Please check Adam Curran's reply here about the marketing materials.


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      Any update on this? I just spent a weekend putting together a document explaining how our MSP stack answers key elements of CyberSecurity.

      On the one hand it's a pretty basic document, on the other hand my research led me to find areas and Comodo MSP services I didn't know existed. Some of the names of products are very similar and that is why I missed "cWatch Network", because there is also cWatch Web Security, cWatch EDR, cWatch Office, and cWatch MDR as well. The latter two of those I hadn't seen either.

      For those of you who don't know, cWatch Network is a Comodo product that integrates with the C1 portal and allows for the data collection, monitoring and response of EP eventlogs using NxLog and RSyslog agents. Help Guide here:

      Intriguingly, it also states:
      • In addition to event log collection, cWatch Network is capable of collecting log information from Comodo Network Monitoring Sensors.
      • These sensors listen on the customer's network using span/tap technologies.
      • Sensor deployment is customized according to a customers network topology. Please contact Comodo to arrange sensor deployment.


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        Hello amcssit, we have submitted a follow up request to our Product development team. We will notify you as soon as we receive an update.

        Thank you for your patience.


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          Anna Still waiting for an update...


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          Making marketing info available for MSPs is a nice and needed item
          Strobe Technologies Ltd


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            Yes. You changed the billing plan and want to sell the service.
            If you want us to sell the service to our clients then we need some marketing material.
            Please put some in the MSP or partner portal asap.
            This request still stands for a long time.
            When can we espect some?
            Especially why they have to choose for your platform instead of the other well known regular endpoint protection-tools.
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              StrobeTech ailan a new partner portal for Itarian is coming, we'll provide necessary materials there. Marketing materials is a must, but if you have anything else in your mind, or which kind of specific material you need, please let us know.


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                Hi Fatih,
                Do you know when we can expect some material?
                I don't need the new portal, but for now only the material.
                What I would like to see is what's the strenght from Itarian against the other well known products and why the clients should opt for Itarian.
                And better some tests or reviews against the other products.


                • Elif Ayhan Kurt
                  Elif Ayhan Kurt commented
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                  Hello @ailan,
                  I can share Itarian's Datasheet, whitepaper or solution brief. Is it cover your needs as a first step?

                  Best Regards,

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                Hi Elif Ayhan Kurt ,
                I don't think that a plain costumer is waiting for datasheets or whitepapers. And I don't know what the 'solution brief' is.
                So no, these are not info I can use to sell the product.

                "Why should Itarian be better than other endpoint-protection software or antivirus software?
                And why should the client opt for your platform instead all the others?"

                Those are the info I want to see in the advertisements.

                Thanks for thinking with me but I hope you understand what I/ we mean by selling material.
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                • Elif Ayhan Kurt
                  Elif Ayhan Kurt commented
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                  hello Ailan,
                  Yes i got your point, thanks for clarification.
                  Actually we have couple of documents which contains your needs. Let me check and try to collect information in only 1 document.


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                As an MSP we need white label material our goal is not to sell products per se but great services, which is bundled with great products.


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                Yes libretech .. But now the price model has been changed, a lot of MSP's will have to 'sell the platform'. Albeit white-label or 'Itarian'.
                So it would be nice to have something to promote the 'platform' or 'service'.
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