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Material for MSP's to use with your customers to help market and sell.

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    Hi amcssit. Thank you very much for your offer. I think that this should be a task from Itarian self. They should provide us with material. I think that they want and have to sell their platform to us. And we should have to have the material to justify our reasons to our clients, why we advise them to use the platform.
    But now there's nothing. Or you have to create your own material.
    This makes no sense.
    So again, thank you very much, but this should come from Itarian Posted on a closed page only for MSP's.
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      Itarian: Any news or updates regarding marketing material?


      • Elif
        Elif commented
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        Hello Ailan,
        Can you please send an email to me- i ll send couple of documents. Please also add your exact need so that if it is missing we can work on them.

        Best Regards,

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      Hi Elif,

      Thank you. I will email you my emailaddress.

      What I would like to see is some general info ended for end-users. Like why they have to choose Itarian over other security endpoint software like the regular Sophos/ Mcafee/ Norton/ Eset/ Bitdefender/ Kaspersky and all other.

      So for end-users. Pictures, pamflets etc what we can use to put on our website.
      No detailed tech info.

      It would be nice if its not only for me, but behind a secured page only for MSP's.

      (This subforum was created especially for marketing material, but hasn't been populated very much)
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        you can find fairly technical explanations why they should use Comodo vs Others..(I know you said no technical details info, but putting it out here just in case for others)
        here is an example
        and here you can see the videos of experts who protect customers talking about why they are choosing Comodo.

        Noone can detect 100% of the malware.
        When that undetected malware gets into your computer/network, thats when Comodo kicks in and contain that threat/malware/ransomware.