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  • Frustrating experience

    Hi all,

    first of thanks for offering such a service for free there are good approaches and the webinterface looks nice but,

    BUT after using the product for a few day's i must say it is not market ready.

    I know the product is "free" but this "free" product have a lot of issues/bugs and you need to fix them as fast as possible. (i have submitted these via email or posted it here in the forum)
    Also there were service outages (website not respondig, bad gateway error's and so on...) in this short period i have tested the product.

    I don't know how you develop your software but it seems to me that we are all beta tester's and the product will be tested before releasing you have unit test's or some kind of automatic tests??
    If not please add a BETA label on the website for this product.

    Is there a issue tracker like we know it from github, bitbucket? I think a forum is not the right tool for tracking issues....and why the hell i can't post a thread with one or two screenshot's i get a error the error message "Maximum number of character exceeded. It cannot be more than 10000 character" - think this is a bug cause i have only wrote one line with screenshots...... (see attached image)

    hope this message get to the right person....

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    Hello trg ,
    Thank you for your valuable feedback. We have forwarded it to our development team.
    We appreciate your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.


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      +1 BETA notification. At least we we will know what to expect and not have to find out the hard way.