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Feature enhancement for Remote Control

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  • Feature enhancement for Remote Control

    With the MFA it would be nice to allow you to "remember" this machine like the login for the portal so you did not have to re-enter the code each time you start the app on the same machine/profile.

    Also what about an IOS app? This would eliminate the need for me to have a VPN tunnel configure for my clients.

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    A good suggestion indeed carls , We will have your request forwarded to our Development team for analysis and provide you an output of their feedback once available. Thank you


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      carls Jimmy if 'remembering' a machine is ever introduced, then the ability to save the password via the 'stay signed in' checkbox should be removed for security.


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        This would be great since the "remember login" seems to never work on the remote control app (or the webpage for that matter)


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          nct ,

          This will be added as well in consideration. nswetland , we will add you on the loop and update you once our Development Team provides an announcement


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            The other issue I see is if a remote machine restarts, then the remote control has to be restarted for it to ever see it back online.


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              carls ,

              We will send some recommendation from our support team. Unfortunately, the forum community has restrictions on large file attachments. We will contact you shortly