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Android app removed from Play Store?

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    Bummer, I also ran into this issue, where I can not install it on a new device that I will be sending out on the road...


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      Originally posted by Jay View Post
      Hello NickName ,

      Android 7.x Nougat is not yet supported by ITSM,
      However, the "Support for Android 7.0 Nougat" is already on the road map and planned to roll out by the end of Q3 of 2017.
      We will create a support ticket for this and we will add you on the loop to keep you updated
      on its progress.

      Kind Regards,
      When does Q3 end?


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        The Android support has to be quicker, we can not use C1 as MDM for our mobile device for the moment, because 90% of them is running 7.x.


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          Hello Noiden ,

          This is duly noted.
          Rest assured that once we have an update on the request we will let you know.
          I will also add you on the loop so you will get an email for any progress on this feature.
          We will get in touch with you shortly via email.

          Kind Regards,
          ITarian Staff


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            As of 2021-08-21, the ITarian MDM App is NOT available on the Google Play store. @Comodo/ITarian - it is really frustrating when such a great platform is crippled by such minor oversights. Please get the MDM app reposted on the Google Play store ASAP.


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              Hello ,

              ITarian MDM was removed from Google Play store due to recent policy updates which conflict with our ability to prevent the uninstallation of MDM agent. We are currently working on a fix, and the application will be re-added in Google Play store again without that feature (as a temporary solution) at most by the middle of this week.

              We will be informing you about any news in this manner.

              We are sorry for the inconvenience.

              Best regards,


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                Has the possibility of self-hosting the mdm apk been considered? I'm not opposed to downloading the apk directly from your server but I do hold reservations about downloading it from third-party hosts like apkpure. Ideally, I'd like to see MDM application installation and deployment/configuration accomplished via QR code - that would be really nice.

                With the temporary update, does that mean that an end-user could delete the MDM application when ever they wanted without anything to prevent it?