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    Hi, why does the db state column show as "updated" even database that are not up-to-date ? See the screenshot. Thanks
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    Hi datalink ,

    Antivirus DB state just shows status for last update operation, for example:
    1) When we send command for AV DB updates from EM Portal, state is "Command sent"
    2) When updating process started on device this state is changed to "Updating"
    3) If update process was finished successfully without errors, in this case state is changed to "Updated"

    Also there exist others statuses, which can be found in filter. So, it's just informative column which show us results for latest update operation. You can find related screenshots in attachment.

    Product Management Team.
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      ok, thanks, it is clear now. By the way what does " canceled" mean ? Someone at the endpoint stopped the updating ?


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        It is actually process failed. Let me write all of them

        Unknown - Status never reported to the portal - for new devices
        Updated - the last AV DB updating process was finished successfully
        Updating - AV DB updating process is in progress
        Command sent - AV DB update pushed from the portal, awaiting status from the device
        Canceled - AV DB updating process is canceled by end user
        Failed - AV DB updating process failed
        Empty DB - Status indicates that AV DB was never updated on the PC


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          Thank you, so the "end user" in "Canceled - AV DB updating process is canceled by end user" doesn't mean a human being. Correct ?


          • zeynepyildirim
            zeynepyildirim commented
            Editing a comment
            Yes, correct. It also can be a result of the crash.