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    Hi, what does it mean "Your account is non-compliant!" ? If I click on "Get Complianti Now" I land on the Store page where there is only Acronis and MDR product to buy. Also If I go to the Partner page "" I don't find any product named "Security Internet Gateway". I suspect there it is still named "Dome". Big confusion with these product names.

    PS:using bwoser Edge there is no way to close the pop up "Mobile App for ...."as in this screeshotpopup.jpg
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    Hi, is Security Internet Gateway discontinued ?


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      I would recommend to start using SOCaaP as your Cybersecurity platform. Soon SIG will be serviced through SOCaaP as well.
      prices are extremely cheap as well! Fully SOC Managed endpoint/server for $3.25 a month....Crazy prices that noone can beat!


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        So if we already have a paid subscription to SIG, how does that transfer to SOCaaP. Are we going to be moved and will we have to pay again to keep using SIG?


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          Hi, thank you I will have a look but it is no present in the itarian apps menu. Also, is it ready to support non english speaker MSPs ?

          Anyway for now the old DNS filter service now called Security Internet Gateway is stucked and I can't upgrade to premium version. Will you fix it ? Thanks.

          The SOCaaP is very interesting but in my opinion as a small MSP it takes lots responsability (and good legal assurence) to give full cybersecurity service like that to a company due to the severe GDPR. Also in my country it is passing a new law that forces a company to report a cyber attack within an hour. Quite scaring.
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            I've got the same problem - it turned out my account is not compliant too. I can't figure out does it mean. Do I need to somehow upgrade my account to be able to buy products?


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              Hi lerkabogl,

              Sorry for the issue caused. Can you please check your Inbox for a private message and provide the requested information.

              Kind Regards,