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Ability to manage networks individually

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  • Ability to manage networks individually

    Looking for documentation or assistance on how to best utilize CDome. It seems that the reporting/monitoring is based on a Global view point and not by IP/Network. As in many cases, more than one network will need to be monitored. How do you review data for individual networks and setup reports for the same.

    I am hoping I am just missing this functionality and you can provide me details to utilize. Maybe better access to data for monitored IP/Networks would take this software to the next level.
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    Hi rmorton,

    You can follow the steps in this link to customize the reports for network traffic.

    To learn more about the platform you can use this link:

    We will also send you an email to keep track of this post.

    Thank you,
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      Thanks. I did not see in the information you sent, but is there a way to allow one or more workstations within a network to be subject to different policies then the rest of the network. For example, if the CEO needs to be able to surf Facebook, but doesn't want everyone within the network to be able too.



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        Hi rmorton,

        You can follow these steps to manage policies in CDome:

        If it would also help, you can check out managing Black/White lists using this guide: