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Csheild disabling godaddy login page / link

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  • Csheild disabling godaddy login page / link

    Hello, Running a Windows 7 machine and comodo Dome is installed. When trying to login at godaddy, the link at the top (which is drop down) and the language selector do not respond when being clicked on. See the attached image and circled green areas which also have special characters next to them.

    If I stop the service csheild on the Windows 7 machine, the link works as expected. This is the case for both google chrome and firefox and only appears to happen when csheild is running.


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    ktaylor ,

    We have created a support ticket in investigating the root cause of the issue. Please check your mailbox at your convenience.


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      FYI, this is the reply from support which fixed the issue: "We are updating you regarding on case "Csheild disabling godaddy login page / link". As per our development team godaddy turns out it was retrieving its internal images, files, etc. from "" and that domain was listed as a malware domain. We will change that and godaddy should be displayed without any problems you can add domain( whitelist."