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Dome Antispam MSP 1.0.3 Release Announcement

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  • Dome Antispam MSP 1.0.3 Release Announcement

    Hi Everybody,

    We are happy to announce our new release of Dome Antispam MSP v1.0.3 on cloud portal.

    What's New ?
    • Migration notification message: A notification about our ongoing migration plan will be presented above admin portal for each customers to be migrated to a better infrastructure.
    • Better configuration data management: Utilizing domain management API to improve configuration data management
    • Setting connection timeout: Existing HTTP client library is changed to libcurl to be able to set the connection timeout parameter.
    Feel free to check the attached Release Note for further information.

    Looking for more info about Dome Antispam and other Dome Products ? Feel free to check our website at

    Best Regards,

    Oytun YAVUZ

    Product Manager
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