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Comodo Dome 2.5.0 IPSEC VPN problem

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  • Comodo Dome 2.5.0 IPSEC VPN problem

    I Configured the Comodo Dome Free version and it works fine. No I have made a IPSEC VPN connection to a Checkpoint Firewall, that also works.
    But the following:

    Dynamic IP Pool Network Address/Cidr: Note: Traffic to this IP pool has to be filtered using the VPN firewall!

    Now that is the problem. I don't have the VPN firewall. The only Tab I see at the Firewall Menu -> Policy = Firewal Policy but no second Tab with VPN Policy.

    The VPN is up, but I can't access the other site without a firewall rule.

    How can I solve this?

    How can I access now the otherside of the VPN to connect on a share?

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    Hello Marcel69,

    We created a support ticket regarding on your Comodo Dome Firewall concern. Please reply at your convenience.