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SSL errors instead of block message

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  • SSL errors instead of block message

    We had some big confusion with sites that were being blocked because instead of displaying a "this site is blocked" message, instead we are getting a SSL error saying the certificate authority is invalid.
    When checking the cert, it shows the authority as, so presumably DOME is replacing the original ssl cert with its own.

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    zenmsp ,

    We thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have created a support ticket to investigate this issue as soon as possible. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.


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      I have also noticed this both in Comodo Dome Shield and in Comodo Dome Firewall Appliance. If I block certain category, like Streaming media in this example (see attached picture) instead of Domain Blocked notification I am getting Your connection is not private message which can confuse customers since it suggests that someone is listening on their traffic.

      I have noticed this for Streaming media and for Social networking categories.


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        Hello msp_security,

        Regarding with the SSL error, please download the certificate from "Block Pages > Download Certificate " tab and install it. And it will be able to display our block page on HTTPS sites.

        You may also check this help guide link for more information:

        Please let us know the results. Looking forward for a positive outcome.

        Thank you for your patience.


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          This seems rather odd that a workaround is required for https pages, since this is now the standard requirement for all websites.


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            It works. For, But, for some reason not for