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different rules for different users

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  • different rules for different users

    I am just testing out this product as an alternative to other DNS filters.

    Is there any way to have different sets of rules for different users?
    I am using this at home, but I need access to sites which I have blocked for my kids, and the only way I can do that is bypass the DNS servers and use different ones altogether.

    This leads to another question.
    Kids are complaining that certain youtube videos are being blocked, I assume this is because Dome is enforcing restricted mode on youtube, but I cannot seem to find any setting for this.

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    Hi zenmsp,

    Yes there is a way to create different rules to users by creating multiple policies. When adding a policy it will ask if you're going to add a network or an agent. For individual computers that you want to add in the policy make sure you enroll the device using the agent instead of adding it to the network. You also have to create a category and security rules initially because when adding the a new policy it will require you to select those rules.

    Regarding your issue with YouTube, you may want to check the category rules because section there's a possibility that the content is on the block list.
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