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[Dome Shield] issue / asking for account when trying to see dashboard.

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  • [Dome Shield] issue / asking for account when trying to see dashboard.


    I've just started to test the Dome Shield solution,
    little issue: when I try to open the dashboard from it allways ask me for a server (Windows Authentication) login and password on "" and even if I enter every account I have... no effect.

    it seems that every small dashboard window is asking for some authenticated content I don't have access to.

    Help please.

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    Hello rbo ,

    Dome Shield works at DNS level and does not require any authentication. So getting this window is rather unusual.

    Before trying Dome shield, have you by any chance tried and configured Dome Standard?
    Because if you have and you've added your network in Dome Standard and enabled authentication, that is the exact same window that you would be getting if you haven't set up any users in Dome Standard.


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      so first, yes, I tried the Dome Standard, but suspended usage, killed the amazon VM, so now if I go on the Dome Standard the wizard opens.
      I had issue in fact at the begining as the Dome Standard installed instead of the Sheld, but this problem is now solved as support activated manually the shield product.

      I verified on computer, no proxy configured, only the DNS of the Shield tool.


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        Hello rbo ,

        We have replied in the ticket you have created at
        We will need to take a look at that machine. Please reply in the ticket.


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          thank you for your support,
          incident under investigation by your team, also linked to abscence of data in the dashboards (but I will not open a new thread for that I suppose it is linked and will not help other users).