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  • Some Bug Reports

    Hello. Many thanks for this product (which I am so far enjoying a lot). I can only apologise for this rushed post but I have taken note of several things to report to you and am currently making my way through the different "Bug Report" stickies. I've noticed that there isn't one (that I can see, though I could be wrong) for this section and so I opened a new thread instead.

    1. I have installed Comodo End-point Security on four computers and one server to test for around 1-2 weeks in a busy office (2x Vista, 2x Windows 10, 1x Server 2008) and have noticed a significant performance impact on each of these compared with the Avast Free that I reverted back to after testing. (To be exact, one of the Vista machines seemed to be less effected, though I didn't use this as much to say for sure, but for definite, the other machines were affected indeed).

    This seemed to happen continually and with no obvious updates or scans being run and without any alarming increases in CPU or Ram usage from what I could tell.

    2. Since I installed End point security on the server to test (I understand anti-virus on servers can be hit and miss) it seems to be no coincidence that the systems had connectivity issues with Sage requiring the server to be restarted. In the 1-2 weeks of my test this happened twice, though it hasn't happened before or since the security client was removed.

    3. (This may be a deliberate feature) one of the systems picked up a minor file to do with Sage (although this would make you think that the previous problem originated with this, I haven't been able to tell). This was on a machine that didn't have Sage and the file it detected didn't seem to be an important or operating file, but the "Ignore Malware" selection was greyed out and unavailable. Unfortunately I have lost the log for this since uninstalling.

    4. Uninstalling the security client on the Windows 10 machine (that I had noticed) caused a huge amount of ram to be used, over 5gb. I have attached a picture of this below.

    Last but not least, and save any other place to report this, I have noticed that the past couple of posts I have made on this site pop up an "Invalid Server Response, Please Try Again" message after 10 or more minutes of typing. It seems to appear only once and goes away when closed with "Okay". I take it this must be to do with the autosave feature used on these forums and may or may not be with my machine only, but agh!

    I don't want these reports (or the other reports I have left in other sections of the forum) to come across the wrong way. So far I think Comodo One is great the idea is spot on, but there are a number of mostly minor issues that cause it to have a very "beta" feeling. I think if those things were looked into it could go a long way into making it even more appealing.

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    Hello MCD IT

    Thank you for reporting these but all the issues reported in this post need to be investigated by the support team. It is possible that they are caused by some miss-configured settings in the Profiles that you have applied on the servers, or if that is not the case some additional whitelisting might be necessary (in regards to the Sage issue).
    If these issues persist we will need to collect logs in order to escalate the cases to our Development Team for in depth analysis.

    Please reply the email we have sent you so that we can schedule a remote support session with you or your appointed staff.


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      Hello Matthew, my apologies for the delay in replying in both this thread and your email. Unfortunately I won't be able to accommodate much in this way for the next while. With regards profiles, I do recall creating a new security profile though if I remember right it was the same as the default only renamed. I'm not 100% on whether or not I applied this to all of the machines or any at all. I'm sorry for the vagueness.

      Monitoring procedure still seems to be working well on the server though with no hiccups, it might be worthwhile to add. Just some oddities with the antivirus.


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        Hello MCD IT

        Since my colleague Matthew already opened a ticket regarding the issues you described, we would like to continue the troubleshooting and log collecting there. I will send a reply from it in the next minutes in order to establish what can be collected and when.


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          Hi MCD IT ,

          I would like to thank you again for your post and contribution to this community. The issues you reported are not common and we are keen to understand the specifics of those on your environment. If you can help us with the requested logs, we would be able to identify the root cause of issues and respond very quickly.

          We can also offer to connect to your systems and support you on session sharing if you want us to help you on collecting those logs.

          Best regards,