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Delay in web surfing after introduction of ACLs

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  • Delay in web surfing after introduction of ACLs

    When we configure ACL to deny all traffic and to allow specific tcp 80 and 443 traffic from inside for web surfing (see attached picture), certain noticeable delay in web surfing is momentarily introduced, i.e. web pages are opened slowly than before. If we remove these access lists and allow all traffic without restrictions (allow any to any), delay is gone.

    Is this something that can be avoided or reduced somehow? Are others experiencing the same issue?

    We are using virtual Comodo Dome Firewall installed from iso image on a dedicated server.
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    Hello msp_security

    Kindly coordinate with Korugan UTM support team via email to assist you further on your concern.
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      Just to close this post, with re-install of Communication Agent and CCS this issue was corrected.


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        We're glad to hear that. Thanks for the update msp_security