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    Originally posted by eztech View Post

    bigblock I'd love to hear more about how siportal is working for you compared to IT Glue. I have been frustrated with IT Glue. From what I've been able to demo of siPortal it is much more flexible. I'd much rather see siPortal integration than IT Glue as well.

    ​​​​​​​I use both on a daily basis. I use SI Portal for my company and IT Glue for someone else (I also use C1 and Connectwise on a daily basis, I like C1 better). IT Glue has a speedy search feature and interface, faster than SI Portal. However, aside from cost, there's 3 other drawbacks I've found:

    1. IT Glue is more unstructured so its easy to put things like documentation in the wrong categories. I prefer clicking through a couple extra items with SI Portal to get a more uniform structre to my documentation from client to client.

    2. Network documentation is far superior in SI Portal. Aside from IT Glue's integration with Lucidchart, their network documentation is pretty much nonexistent.

    3. IT Glue charges for guest access. SI Portal allows read-only guests to view documentation for free, which is great for my clients who want access. They can't modify anything but they can view.


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      I been speaking with a few MSPs and Everton seems to prefer SI Portal so this would be great to integrate.
      Strobe Technologies Ltd


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        I'm curious if this has gone anywhere yet? I would love to see these two integration features with IT Glue:
        1. Devices synced into IT Glue as Assets
        2. IT Glue Contacts synced back as Users


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          rotschyinc ,

          I believe a correspondence from our Development Team had been updated here.