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Accessing another origanization is denied

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  • Accessing another origanization is denied

    This evening I logged into the Patch Management app, I am the administrator but when trying to switch to another organization, I get a message "Insufficient Permission, Access to customer is not allowed". How is that possible when I am the administrator?

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    Could you please take a screenshot of what you see and post it here?
    Also, the administrator account that you are using, is it the main one? (the one you first used to login to


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      I sometimes get the same error message. It seems to happen for me when you select the same company twice in succession.
      On a possible related permissions note, I do not seem to be able to change the company displayed at all. I do not see agents from different companies. It only shows one agent even though I have agents installed on different companies.
      I select a company and it stays on "Willmotts Group" my default company. The agent displayed is also part of a different company.
      See attached screenshots.
      Mikael Berglund, 76BITS


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        Thank you for the screenshots. I will escalate the case so the dev team can analyze the issue and we will get back to you as soon as we have an outcome.


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          Hello mhberglund,

          Could you tell us what browser you are currently using to access the PM Console and it's version?
          We have seen a similar issue before, with an older version of Chrome.
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