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Service Desk Users - First and Last Name

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  • Service Desk Users - First and Last Name

    Within the service desk I have noticed the users first and last name are both the first and last name combined. For example: George Simms is the user, the service desk knows this user as George Simms George Simms. I noticed this with the default user and thought it was maybe because it was the default user, but I just created another user and it did the same.

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    I have done a test account to try and recreate this, but I was unable to. Can you post a screenshot of what you see in the console?

    When trying to add an user, there is one field for the name. Are you trying to import them?


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      Hello, We have escalated this issue; our development team will take a look into this , and attempt a fix for it. Thank you for noticing this.


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        We are pleased to inform you that the problem that you brought to our attention (Service Desk Users - First and Last Name are doubled) has been fixed in the version of Service Desk that was released today.

        We appreciate your patience on this matter!