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Cannot find Alert in admin console

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  • Cannot find Alert in admin console

    Cannot find alerts in admin console. Snapshot is attached here.

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    Wajahat After the latest round of updates Alerts have moved over to the web portal. You can see them in the RMM section.


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      snoopwoody Thanks.


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        Can any one form staff explain why this feature is removed from console and shifted to web portal. One should see alerts on his consol rather than switching between web and console.


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          Hi Wajahat ,

          Comodo ONE is under a huge transformation and fast progress in accordance with people in this form, MSPs' feedback. We have 2 main goal to achieve,

          1) Turn everything to web portal as much and efficient as possible. For this, we are moving RMM functionality to Comodo Device Management (CDM) and CDM would be the hub for all of your inventory from now on.
          2) We agreed that for proper business flow, all issues should be reflected to service desk and MSPs would be working / prioritizing their work over service desk. By using tickets for everything, you would be able to manage all tasks with same visibility and order. For this, we are improving the service desk portal as well as the integration of service desk with CDM and Comodo ONE Portal.

          I am sorry if we cause any inconvenience during this transformation but we believe you would love the new design and be very happy with the easiness of business flow on upcoming releases.



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            How do we close the alerts? I have a couple repeat alerts that are on the RMM Platform Module that don't have a means to close. Is this done from the Device Manager Module now? I haven't been migrated yet, and don't understand the question I'm asked when I attempt to add the module, "Do you have existing account on Comodo Account Manager (Comodo License or Reseller Account)?"

            Update: I figured it out; it was a log-in for your separate billing system. I added the free version of the device management module to my account to explore.
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              May I make the feature request that, if a ticket was generated from an alert, that either the alert is closed when the ticket is or a button is made available to close any open alerts from the ticket?


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                Hello bradbrownjr

                We have escalated your feature request and we will get back to you as soon as we have an update.


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                  Thanks Harvey!