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    Hello everyone,

    Please checkout our latest post about Advanced Reporting from here.

    Best regards,


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      Hi ilgazy ,

      It looks like an addon. Is it going to be a paid option?
      At this moment I'm not looking for advanced reports but for the basic reports that should already work and included.
      Can you tell when that will be available?


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        ilgazy how can ITarian say this is a new Advanced Reporting add on I have had this on my RMM dashboard under beta reports for ages now. my question to start this post was when are we getting updates, fixes and the ability to customize these reports?


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          Hello Marveltec,

          We started a new initiative to completely restructure reports beta, and provide many pre-defined reports including hardware/software inventory, monitoring, patching, security, compliance, and much more. Currently, we are in the phase of planning and we plan to start execution very soon. We are trying to do our best to offer you the best reporting capabilities that will fulfill all your needs.

          We will share every news about our advanced reporting initiative on Advanced Reporting thread.

          Thank you for your patience.

          Best regards,


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            Hi ilgazy ,
            Nice to hear that there's (again??) a new reporting section. But can you, or someone from Itarian, answer when the basic reports are going to be fixed?
            Simple reports of how many detected threats per period are now even not working!!
            So no advanced reports, but the basic reports which were promised last year already!!
            It's very quiet regarding these reports and nobody responds..


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              Its called "Advanced" because you should be able to create "any" report (simple or complex)...the "Advanced" applies to its ability to create custom report not the content of the report.


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                melih i need confirmation on the "Advanced" you mention as i have the Beta reports under my RMM Dashboard section but there is no ability to create any form of custom reports its still pick and chose from a list of mostly unusable standard reports with no customization doesn't even include our branding
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                  Good morning Itarian staff,

                  It's nearly end of the year and again, I want to present my clients some numbers/ logs how they're protected.
                  (just like last year, and the year before that.)
                  The Logs are still not working like it should.
                  Last time I wanted to test the reports was on 8 Nov., and till now, it's still 'In Progress'. 3 weeks ago, and queuing all other new reports.

                  So, what's the status regarding logging?
                  Is it already working? And again, I'm not talking about Advanced reporting, but the default reports.
                  How long does it take to have a decent and basic report-function?

                  It's already promised over 3 years and was 'fixed' multiple time this year.

                  I haven't seen very much progress regarding improvements for this platform this year. Hope to see much more shortly.
                  (talking about report functions and remote tool for android.. all on the roadmap for 2021)



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                    Hello ailan ,

                    ​​​​​​The problem that you state is already escalated to development team, they are investigating in detail. Preliminary investigation shows it is a problem specific to your account.

                    We will post any news from here, and also through support channel.

                    Best regards,


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                      Hi @ilgazy,

                      Good to hear, but sounds very strange if it's only for my account.
                      This problem goes back for more than 4 years. Hope that the next 'fix' won't take another 2 or 3 years.