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  • Script to push out group policy update to computers would be awesome


    • supptech ,

      Please refer to the script procedure


      • Windows Server Backup Drive rotation check

        OK here is a good one for you!!

        Would it be possible to check the last 5 days of windows server backup logs, check the destination disk and alert if that backup destination has not been changed? I would look to schedule this to run once a week on a Friday night / Saturday morning to avoid alerts for backup drives not been changed over a weekend.




        • dbettens ,

          We'll forward your request for analysis and give you an update of the outcome.


          • I would like a script to encrypt the C-drive with Bitlocker if that's possible.


            • RSnumssp
              RSnumssp commented
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              I see this scipt was created - - - can we get it to include saving the key to a network drive/unc path, naming the file with the system name?

            • Noiden
              Noiden commented
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              Can you make so the script saves the key to Azure?

            • AITP/Nadmin
              AITP/Nadmin commented
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              If you're still looking for a AzureAD or Sharepoint document library enabled bitlocker enrollment; I tried the script in the link above a few times and it seemed to work for my (customer at the time) AzureAD. It stores the keys on the OD4B volume and AzureAD of the initial enrolling user. Depending on your environment, you might get away with rolling the package above's contained Enable_BitLocker.ps1 into the comodo powershell wrapper I would probably host the MSI somewhere and use to enforce it.
              I hope that this information is helpful in your quest to secure all the data at rest. My sincere apologies if this is remedial or counterproductive.

          • Hi Noiden

            We will analyze your request and update you once the script has been completed.

            Thank you.


            • Hi, there's a script called 'Check application installed if not, download and install it'. Where do we find the correct syntax of the application name to enter in? Does it accept spaces in the name? when i run this script, it seems to execute- - but never says completed in C1.. just 'unknown' for the column 'finished at'. I'm not sure why that's happening.



              • Preethi
                Preethi commented
                Editing a comment

                We tried the same script and it works fine. Could you please provide the application and its version along with the tested environment details. That will be useful for checking your issue.


            • Hello RSnumssp

              You are almost there. Just follow the steps below with care :

              • ApplicationName: Enter the application name how it displays in the control panel or under its own native registry path.
              • URL: Enter the URL where the application exists.
              • SilentCommand: Enter the silent installation command to perform the installation in silent mode.
              • DownloadPath: Where to download your file.
              • FileName: How the file should download as.
              • Extension: Extension of the file you are about to download.
              It will not accept spaces anywhere. If it is required, For eg: "Microsoft outlook" here spaces should be there as it shows in the control panel. Only application name it accepts spaces if it's needed there.

              Thank you.


              • I followed the same name as displayed in the control panel.. . it works in one client's environment, but never says anything about completion. In another Active Directory environment, it still says unknown - and does not install it. I'm not sure where to look for log files for in that instance to see what happened.



                • Can I get a script to uninstall imPcRemote Professional. The installer can be found at:

                  This is the remote solution I was using before switching to Comodo One.


                  • RSnumssp ,

                    We have forwarded the output of your test to our Script Developers for review, we'll provide an update of their results as soon as possible.

                    jpps We have informed our Script Developers for the task you request. We'll share an update once completed


                    • Hi jpps

                      We have completed the script to uninstall imPcRemote, please refer the below JSON file to achieve your need.


                      Refer the wiki to import the given JSON file to ITSM.

                      Let me know your feedback.

                      Thank you


                      • Hi Bootstrapper

                        Kindly please refer the below JSON file for your request.


                        To edit the parameters refer the following link :

                        NOTE: Parameters to be edited
                        • Type: Integer.
                        • ITSM Label: Give any name you want.
                        • Default value: Provide your Password Expire days.

                        Run the script as a system user.

                        Let us know your feedback.


                        • Hi! we would like a script for:

                          Alert if a (specific) task in task scheduler fails. (Or does not have status 0x0

                          Thank you!


                          • Whatsek ,

                            We have communicated with our Script Developers for your requests. We will provide you feedback of their tests.