100+ Tickets Generated

So, for two days now I’ve had a couple of systems start throwing memory usage triggers when they haven’t previously. I’ve investigated the issue and while the systems do have limited resources, their memory usage remains acceptable. However, not only are these systems generating alerts/tickets, but they’re stale by 2 - 4 days when I receive them. I’ve adjusted the trigger threshold for them and have finally turned off the email notification in the Service Desk module & deleted the C1 app from my phone. These same devices have not triggered anything previously.


I understand that you are suspicious about the alerts :slight_smile:

I might recommend to set “Get Running Processes” procedure (should already be on your portal as pre-defined procedure) as remediation action on your monitor to see which applications are running with how much memory space consumption on the time of alert trigger. You can check these and can understand if something wrong with configuration or something wrong with any of the applications.

Please let us know if you need any help for this investigation.


Alright, the action has been set. However, why would the dates be 2 to 4 days old, and only start recently?

That, I didn’t understand earlier :slight_smile: sorry. Please send us the details if you see the same behavior again or if the results of your tests indicates anything wrong.