500 Internal Server Error

I am getting a 500 internal server error, when I try to open the ITSM, I was just seeing if you knew this??

Just in case you are not aware… Getting a 502 Bad Gateway for the ITSM only. All other services are working for one.comodo.com.

Hi @michael2

Could you please check again? It should be fine now.



Could you please check again? It should be fine now.


Mine seems to be up again.

Ours is down as of this morning (2/22/17 7:23a Central).

It’s down for us this morning (7:23a Central time) - was down last night from what I heard from our junior admin.

Just refreshed again, the page is there, but is very very slow.

Mine is also doing it again, intermittently, and when it does come up, it is very slow.

Fact of the matter, this forum seems to be running very slowly also, on my end??

Hi @BOSS @maximillianx

We are aware of the issue. It is on maintenance mode for 15 more minutes. We will keep an eye on the performance after as well.


Still up and down. Been doing so since Sunday.

Oh and now I am getting the 502 error when filtering devices and going to other pages “Embedded page error”. Basically I am dead in the water for support.

Mine also came up for a second, now same issue, the 502.

Yes, we also still see the issues. Team is working on it…

Just a quick update, mine seems to be OK right now, speed it tolerable at this point, I will check back in, if I experience anything else. Thanks.

I just got another bad gateway error, and then after I refreshed, I got three pink rectangle boxes, all saying an error has occurred.

Web load balancers aren’t working there? Maybe it is having difficulty redirecting web traffic to running web servers? In any case, we’re experiencing the error 500 message this afternoon.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your patience.

It should be sorted out as of 5 PM EST today. Please let us know if you still see any issue.


I can not open any endpoints now, admin console tells me that there was an error while logging in, is anyone else having this trouble?? I can not log in with the CCV either, I am down totally…