Ability for end user to create a ticket from an icon in the system tray?

Is there any support for a branded tray icon that users could create tickets from and automatically ID the computer it is being sent from?

Hello @Velvis

Unfortunately end users can not create a ticket from a system tray icon.

They can create tickets by email or by help portal.

Hi @Velvis

As additional information, opening a ticket from tray icon is an item on the roadmap for Q4 and we might be able to deliver even earlier. Let’s see :slight_smile:


I second this request. While it seems as though it is easy to simply access the online webportal to create tickets. The ability to create tickets via the tray icon, or even with a alt-key command would make it so easy to create tickets from an end user perspective. The easier we can make it to create tickets will likely result in creating additional revenue. I’d categorize this as not a must have, but in a would like to have.

Hello @joe.lcit ,

Thank you for the feedback. We have contacted you by email and we will get back to you as soon as the feature becomes available.


We are pleased to inform you that the feature that you have requested has been implemented in CCC (Comodo Client Communication). To submit a ticket, simply right click on the CCC system tray icon and choose ‘Submit ticket’ and fill out the form:

If the option is missing, please make sure that the agent is at its latest version (6.0.4750.61110).

Submit ticket.png