Ability to see remote user mouse

Would be nice to see the remote users mouse when pointing to things on the screen.

Checking in our product roadmap, @thearcatlantic, this feature is already under consideration by the product development team. If you would like, we can include you in the feature request ticket so that we can provide you an email notification of any important updates about it and its implementation timeline.

Please include me as this is a useful feature

@StrobeTech We have sent you an email on your forum registered email address and added you on feature request ticket.

And/or incorporate inking so remote support can underline/circle/highlight areas on the EUs desktop?

Hello @amcssit ,

Thanks for this suggestion, I will create a support ticket for this request to send you an update.
We`ll get in touch with you shortly.


Please include me in the feature request ticket. I can not express how important this feature is when you are working with a user who is working through a process with an administrator.

Hi @samcom,

We have added you to the feature request ticket. We will notify you once we receive any update about this feature request.