Acronis backup

  1. Post paid plans - if at month used 1Gb of backup data - how many you will charge for this volume?
  2. Is any demo-period to look how its work?

Hello @Sergey ,

  1. If backed up on Cloud Storage you will be charged for 1 GB of backed up data.
    If backed up locally there will be no charge.
  2. There is no demo-period available, but Post Paid can be considered “Trial” as long as backups are local.
  1. How many cost 1GB of data?
  2. How to setup device/group limits?

Hello @Sergey ,

  • Acronis has different prices per GB depending on the amount of data that is being backed up and if the subscription type is prepaid or postpaid. To find the specific prices for you, in Comodo One please go to Management > Applications > select Acronis module > click on 'Add new subscription'. At some point you will have a page that will show different prices that are available for you (before you are being charged for anything, of course).
  • Please check the Acronis help page for detailed information about this.

Your “DISCOUNT 30% FOR C1 USERS” covers Acronis services?

Hi @Sergey

Acronis back-up is already built with main purpose to serve MSP partners. So, its prices is already set with very competitive pricing. Therefore, no additional discounts possible other than prepaid options.