Acronis with Multiple Licenses

I got a post-paid license to test out the local backup and see how it works, but I have a question about licensing: If I want to get prepaid licenses for each of my clients, is that possible? Would the best way to do this be to just go post-paid for all clients? I noticed the Pre Paid accounts have a nice discount as you buy more data. What is the per GB cost of the Post Paid account?

That post addressed the pricing, thank you. How does the licensing work? Do you have to have a cloud license per computer, or can all computers use one license? Can you mix and match licenses for clients?

Hello @socalitninja,

We do not have the exact answer on hand for the licensing. We have created a support ticket for you and requested the proper department to provide further details with your queries. Thank you

Hello @socalitninja,

We will be having one of our associates reach out to you and explain further on licensing and all of your other queries. Thank you.