Admin COnsole not opening

I can no longer open the old admin console, when I open it from the rmm device page. Was this by design, trying to move us away from the old console, or has something went left??


Our development team hadn’t made any announcement yet that the Old RMM is discontinued. I tried launching the console and it did open fine on my end.


Mine opens, if I open the app, just not if I launch from the device page, after opening in the RMM. It keeps asking me to download the RMM console.


I’m doing the same process. Since our development team had made an announcement that the Old RMM would be removed from provisioning from the portal for new accounts. It will still be accessible to users who had already activated it. Please see post

When I try it, I get this pop up.



New users can no longer utilize and download the Old RMM which is removed from provisioning (its presence is already removed from the portal). Those who have been using the Old RMM before the last update can still manually launch the application