Adobe Flash update - October 26, 2016 - When will Comodo post it.

Critical serious update to adobe flash, version is affected. is only version showing in patch portal.
When will you post version This seems to be ongoing issue with adobe products and getting current releases to patch portal in timely manor.
** What should our expectations be? How log should we wait before asking if the updates were overlooked again? ****

Hello @Rickkee ,

I have forwarded your information request to the appropriate staff and we will reach back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Hi @Rickkee

Our process and goal is daily check and update. However, there might be some operational issues which creates exceptions.

This issue is also an exception and will be taken care of soon. Thanks for reporting and letting us know. We will pay special attention to not the have the similar issue again.


Hello @Rickkee ,

The Latest version of the Adobe Flash player i.e “” has been uploaded in Patch Portal.