Alerts for events

Right now I have a monitor setup to alert when a critical event occurs in the event log. It works well except the email doesn’t give me the details of rhe alert. Therefore I have to login and see what the alert was. Is there a better way where I could actually have the error emailed to me so I don’t have to login and see what the critical error was?

It is possible through a custom monitoring script @jmock

So I went ahead and moved your post in the Automation Scripts sub-forum so that the script developers can see your question and, if need be, ask you some other prerequisites for the script.

Thank you.

Can I get an update on this? Thank you.

Hi @jmock
I’ve reached out to a few of the script developers to get an update for your script request.

Hi @jmock

As far as I’m aware this is not possible, but if the script team and give us a definitive answer that would be excellent.

This is something we are very interested in too, and I’m sure many MSPs would like this information so can we please update the forum topic with the answers.

Thanks all


Hi @jmock

we will analyze your request and update you once it has been completed

Thank you

Hi @jmock

We have completed your requested script. Please refer the below script link…cal-event-logs

Kindly send your feedback to us.
Thank you

Hi @Prabakaran

Real shame the alert has to leave the C1 platform.
Can we not have a variable added to the alerting part of the custom script that allows us to feed back information that is added to the alert email instead?

All clean, recorded correctly and in one place?

Hi @StrobeTech

Sorry for the inconvenience,If you look up the above post by @jmock .He wants the script to send the alert to the preferred email .so that we created the script for his request.We are modifying the script as per your request

Hi @jmock

We are modified the script as per your comment .
please refer the below link

Kindly provide your feedback to us

Thank you

Not sure if my comment we seen above or if I need to open a ticket but it definitely seems like the script is acting strange. Last night I got several more emails and all of the contained critical alerts that occurred way back in early April.