Allow endusers to close their own tickets

End users should be able to close their own ticket.
I feel like this is such an obvious feature that maybe i’m just missing where the setting is.
If not however, then I’d like to request this as a feature.
ServiceDesk agents shouldn’t have to wait for a response or request to close the ticket.
I’m sure you guys appreciate when I close a ticket because it’s been resolved instead of replying with “please close the ticket”

Hello @Mike_d

The feature "you’re looking for is still under development. We will contact you as soon as this feature is already implemented. On the other hand, we have a voting feature on our website that allows you to submit new feature requests, and also it allows you to check all feature requests and vote the same. To do so, go to and please log in with your ITarian credentials.

Thank you.

This is a great idea!!

Being able to do do this via Web console and via email using a keyword would be great!