Android 6.0 devices does not stay connected

This happens with my Android Devices after a few hours of being connected. I’ve set Comodo ITSM Client to be protected by power saving features, to stay online and open all the time. But doesnt work.

Am I the only one?

In the current state the android ITSM and RMM features isnt realiable for android… And last thing, I cannot request a “last known location”.

Asked in another way. Is it even possible to have your enrolled android devices staying in “always connected” mode, in the current state of One Comodo?

There is a planned fix to be released soon @pcsyn . We are currently trying to get the final word on it.

Sounds great. This year ? And do I need to do anything with the android devices when the fix has been released?

Hi @pcsyn
There will be an update that will be released in the Play Store. For any additional settings, we will simply have to wait for the official release for the rest of the details.