Android Comodo ITSM Client not staying active (resident) on Android 6 device

As the title - just installed on my device to test functionality running Android 6.0. Works great when you have the app open but as soon as you close the app (press the home button or move to a different app) it is not staying resident in the memory meaning that you cannot send a siren command (for instance). The messages or siren commands will only be activated or seen when you reload the app by clicking on it.
Restarted the phone but still get the same issue.

still waiting for an update on this ourselves. Already have ticket on this too.

Hello @StrobeTech,

We requested for an update/progress to our developers regarding this matter. Thank you

I have the same problem at 3 different android devices all running 6.0 - After a few hours the ITSM clients disconnects even tho there is active 4g/wifi. The ITSM client is protected from exiting from power saving mode but with no effect = not reliable at all. Any news?

Hi @pcsyn
There is already a fix planned to be rolled out and we are waiting for final confirmation as to when it will be implemented in the C1 platform.

Thats great to hear since the reliabilityissue for the android system is critical… Looking forward to seeing it work as it should.