Antivirus for Server By Comodo

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Can the Comodo Client Security Agent (MSP AV solution from ITSM) be deployed to Windows servers?, What would be resource impacts once installed? is it the same version as the product offered on the Comodo web that says Comodo Server Antivirus (

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Hi @axatech ,

Yes, we have AV for servers. It is CCS without Firewall. We removed FW to not influence on performance too much. During the installation, installer detects OS and installs CCS with special options, if OS is server.

CCS was tested on Windows servers, so it should work normally.

The link you’ve provided contains old information. But it is about CCS for servers.

Please refer to this link for more information about Comodo AV for Servers:…r-Servers.html

Hi @Jordan_C

I am a little bit confused, If I go to ITSM and click over Bulk Installation Package I am able to create a MSI package to deploy to Workstations on Windows, but with the information provided above what I understand is that the same package recognize the OS and remove FW option and the MSI package install itself as a server product managed by my company which is my main goal, Is that what you meant on the informaton above? or What package should I choose when being on the reseller portal for servers?

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Hi @axatech ,

Yes, you’re correct. If the installer detects Windows Server. The CCS for server will install with special options.

Please see below links for your reference:


Hello @axatech,

I have deployed a number of agents within a Active Directory environment using the same bulk installation package for servers and workstations. The software detects the Server OS and leaves off the firewall and turns it on for the Windows Workstations.

Thanks to all, now I have all cleared.

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It is always our pleasure. We appreciate your support by participating in our forum. Thank you for choosing Comodo One. Have a good one.