Any way to see the rate of battery depletion?

We want to see how the batteries of our devices are doing, so as to be able to replace them before they stop working completely. Is there any way through the Endpoint Manager to see the rate at which a battery depletes?

@tomPurd ,

As of the current implementation build, this type of monitor functionality is not yet possible.

Ah, dang. Thanks for the reply. If you know of any third-party way to observe this, that’d be great. Otherwise, have a good day.

This would be a neat feature. For now, I run manual scripts (powercfg) and a custom HP script for HP laptops using HPBC utility. However, it suits my needs for having just a few machines at this time. I’m sure there may be better ways and tools others use.

Hello @tomPurd and @uandit,

We have submitted a request to our development team via a feature request and also check with our script developers if it is possible to create a procedure that can check for the battery status and lifespan via the Endpoint Manager portal. We will keep you posted via this forum page and related support ticket. Thank you

Thanks. I should say, we’re primarily using android tablets, so that could be different than laptops.

Hello @tomPurd ,

Thank you for clarifying. We have forwarded this info to our development team. We will keep you apprised on any updates available. Thank you and have a good one!

i searched for “battery” in the procedures list and found a procedure but either it fails to start or report success without mentionning percentage or use unfortunately

@frederic.levet ,

This script has been validated in particular laptops. The result might be different for different laptops. You can manually test the procedure by running either the following commands on cmd (admin)

powershell (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Battery).estimatedchargeremaining

powershell (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Battery -ea 0).BatteryStatus

Please let us know the results of your test. You can share an image here as well.

okay thanks for your post.

why it disappointed me

thank you @tomPurd for the feedback. I’m adding this to feature request list of product management. I hope we’ll deliver it quickly.