API to call from

API to be called from any app and be able to take the information of the C1 and convert it to any third party (Owned or rented) financial solution like Quickbook, Freshbook, PSA, ERP and CRM.

Hi @axatech

Do you have some specific functions or data on your mind to use?

We are working on a new concept that would cover all of these. We would be more than happy to start working with any of the partners you mentioned on your post as of today. We just need to understand who would work on this and what they need.


I meant, have the ability to connect issued tickets and timesheet and have that information on a third party solution for financial processing, ex: Quickboo, freshbook, ErpNext, Odoo and many others, all by just calling an API, the same way Wordpress and other CMS work.

Have you got any plans for ITGlue integration? They have an open API available on their Enterprise plan.

@campbell We took note of your queries and we will get in touch soon.