APP Crowdstrike not found from ITarian Android Store


We are using ITarian Device to manage our company’s equipment and find it a great option and very complete for the price.

As we liked it a lot, we have decided to try ITarian Mobile MDM, as we don’t have MDM so far and we have a lot of terminals to manage.

We would like to be able to deploy applications that are used in our company and we have the problem that one of them is not recognized by ITarian and we cannot select it, but this application can be downloaded from the Google Play store without problems.

The application in question is CrowdStrike Falcon (

Any reason why it can’t be installed from ITarian? Any way to install it?

Thanks, best regards.

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I suggest you also take a look at his announcement.

He have some big changes coming to our MDM side of the business for sure.

Once these big changes have been done, if the issue still exists please do come back on this or raise a support ticket with and we shall get it resolved.

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