Apple APN certificate renewall - what to do next?


I received the Apple 30 days notification email that our APN certificate was going to expire,
therefore I’ve made a quick search in the Comodo ITSM interface, renewed the certificate following instructions using the Apple web page, but then I don’t know what to do ?

Certificate is “renewed” in Comodo,
in your documentation it’s written:

Your CDM Portal will be now be able to communicate with iOS devices.

The certificate is valid for 365 days. We advise you renew your certificate at least 1 week before expiry. If it is allowed to expire, you will need to re-enroll all your iOS devices to enable the server to communicate with them.

So, do we need to do something again ?
do I need to warn my users that they will need to manually accept to trust a certificate from Comodo ?

please advice.

Hello @rbo ,

As long as you successfully renew the certificate 1 week before expiry, you are all set
otherwise, you need to re-enroll all of your apple devices.
This will be enough.

Kind Regards,