Automating Procedures and Common Day Tasks

I wanted to reach out to other MSPs using C1 and see what you have been able to automate as far as daily tasks/tickets are concerned?

To get this party started, I’ll go ahead and share my Onboarding Profile. This profile is applied to new clients and executes the following procedures during the clients off-hours:

  1. Whitelist Comodo in Windows Firewall
  2. Create MSP Local User Account (and a 32 character fully complex password)
  3. Make the MSP Local User Account an Admin
  4. Create Restore Point (with Description “Onboarding”)
  5. Disable MSP Local Admin Account
  6. Change Power Setting to never go to sleep when plugged in
  7. Disable Security Notifications (just creates confusion among most users)
  8. Disable Action Center Notifications (Just creates confusion amount users)
  9. Disable “Updates are Available” popup in Windows 10 (Don’t want users to be prompted to install updates)
  10. Uninstall Applications (This script is used to uninstall applications such as vendor AV…etc.)
  11. Uninstall Teamviewer Application Completely (Teamviewer is often abused and used for free, so I want to make sure this is removed)
  12. Disable Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant (Garbage, needs to be disabled)
  13. Check and Reboot Workstation if Needed

Quick explanation about this method. My first goal is whitelist comodo to prevent communication problems. Next, I need to create a “Oh s*%t” local admin account for each computer, I have it automated to be disabled for obvious reasons and I have a script to enable it when ever I need it.

Then I need to create a Restore Point, I want to create the restore point before disabling the Local Admin Account as that will give me some login flexibility if something goes wrong when we run the scripts to uninstall applications and disable settings.

Last but not least is to reboot the workstation if needed. Once this has been completed for each workstation then I move them over to a “Client Specific Monitoring Profile”.