Automating user self registration and client install

I am new to C1, and is looking for a way to automate user self-registering and then have them install the C1 client for their devices that is going to be monitored. Here is my scenario. We are working on a contract to manage a company employs personal devices. We are anticipating around 1000 or more devices. Too many to manually register each person then register each device and send them the email containing the client for devices. The employees devices are not on a network, so no AD. Have anyone figured out how to do this, can a script be written to do this, all ideas are welcome.

@ccbutler ,

We understand that you are needing a more automated way of enrollment and registration. As of the moment, our Bulk Enrollment process is the existing process to do so. What we can do for you for this urgent matter is make a request to our development team if there is a workaround alternative that can achieve your goal. We will provide an email notification to you via support ticket for an update as soon as possible.

Hi @ccbutler

If you don’t need separate owner information, you can re-use the same email instructions for set of users.

So, let’s assume that you are going to deploy HR dept first. You can get an enrollment email for one user (could be admin, or a pseudo user like and then share this email with that group of people. The links on the email would work for 90 days for any number of devices.

Hope that it would help.