Hi All,

I am just setting up my first endpoint with acronis, noticed that the storage server is based in US as per the posts title - does this have any implications for my UK based customers? Can it be changed to an EU server?



Hello Matt,

We will have to check with the devs. Could you please send us an email to so have a ticket case that we can escalate?

done that thanks.

Any news on the country location for the Acronis service? I too have signed up and about to setup endpoints. Would like to change to UK or EU servers.

Update would be good - thanks

Hi @mhberglund, @msitcmatt;

We plan to have this at the end of this month.

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@Ilker thanks for the update.

@IIker thank you

How do we do this please?

Hello @msitcmatt ,
The region can be selected when signing up for the Acronis service, under the option “Data Center Region for Backups”. If you had enrolled already, please send an email to so we can escalate further.

@mhberglund have you had any joy moving your data centre to the EU - I sent an email as suggested above but there seems to be some confusion as to whether this is possible or not?



Hello @msitcmatt ,

We are still trying to find a solution for moving backed up files from US to EU servers.
We will provide an update on this matter as soon as possible.